iMedical Healthcare Solutions Acquires Bed Techs, Inc.
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Hospital Medical Equipment Reallocation & Depot

iMedical Healthcare Solutions - Bridging Healthcare & Technology for a Seamless Supply Chain

At iMedical Healthcare Solutions, we understand the crucial balance between patient care and operational efficiency. With the rapid evolution of medical technology and increasing demands on healthcare resources, a streamlined supply chain and optimized equipment utilization have become more essential than ever.

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Our Services

  • Equipment Audit: Comprehensive assessment of all medical equipment to ascertain its condition, utilization rate, and need for potential reallocation.
  • Custom Reallocation Strategies: We understand that each hospital's needs are unique. We tailor our reallocation strategies to fit each facility, ensuring efficiency and optimal patient care.
  • Disposal Services: For equipment deemed beyond its usable lifespan, we offer eco-friendly disposal solutions, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

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