iMedical Healthcare Solutions Acquires Bed Techs, Inc.
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iMedical is a forward-thinking healthcare solutions company that was formed around a vision to revolutionize the medical supply chain at every level..
  • Serving healthcare since 1995
  • Three regional facilities
  • National Presence
  • Largest national bed and stretcher inventory
  • Sole source at major IDNs
  • Decades of OEM, ISO & Supply Chain experience
  • Rapid implementation
  • OEM Asset Disposition
  • ISO Certified - 9001:2015 ISO Certification of Quality in 9 areas of Medical Services
  • MBE

We lead by prioritizing innovation,increasing value and providing transparency for our partners.


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iMedical Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of healthcare solutions dedicated to improving patient care and streamlining operations. The company offers a wide range of innovative services and technologies to support healthcare providers in delivering efficient and high-quality care. With a commitment to sustainability and resource optimization, iMedical Healthcare Solutions aims to transform the healthcare industry for the better.

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